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Uttarakhand Tourism

Uttarakhand tourism: People who like mountains, rivers, valleys, temples, and breathtaking natural beauty have long made The Dev-Bhumi, Uttarakhand, a favorite vacation spot. You can travel to the state for a pilgrimage, animal tours, or a range of outdoor activities like hiking and water rafting. For more information on the most fascinating sites in the area, visit the Uttarakhand Tourism Website!
You can be enthralled by Uttarakhand’s natural beauty. The surrounding landscape is made up of glaciers, sparkling streams, lush meadows, majestic valleys, ice-capped mountains, and strange rivers and lakes. Speak with the staff of the Uttarakhand Tourism Department to learn more about Uttaranchal.
The state is a beautiful location where you can travel to realize your grand aspirations while praying for the Lord’s blessing. Additionally, this isn’t everything. Try thrilling yourself with the fascinating quest and relaxing activities for a comprehensive trip that you won’t soon forget.

Best Places to visit under Uttarakhand Tourism

Char Dham Yatra

Hindus consider the holy Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand tourism to be one of their most revered and meditative trips. Four temples in the Garhwal Himalayas, each above 2,700 meters above sea level, are part of the Chardham Yatra circuit, and pilgrims travel there to get blessings. Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, four Himalayan temples, are all open at the same time of year so that travelers can undertake this journey together. Speaking about the temples, Yamunotri and Gangotri are devoted to the respective goddesses Yamuna and Ganga. While Lord Shiva and Badrinarayan are honored at Kedarnath and Badrinath, respectively. It takes at least 10 to 11 days to make the journey, which often starts in Haridwar and concludes in Badrinath.


A little hill town called Mukteshwar is situated in Uttarakhand around 50 kilometers from Nainital. Mukteshwar is named after the 350-year-old Shiva Temple housed here, known as Mukteshwar Dham, and is popular for adventure sports and a stunning view of the Himalayan peaks.

In addition to these, Mukteshwar is renowned for its little houses and cottages constructed in the Colonial style, which add an exotic touch to the town. Nearly all of these locations offer visitors a sound sense of calm, freshness, isolation, and a window to escape from the bustle of city life.When one sees the wonderful scene of birds chirping on deodar trees and wind rushing through coniferous forests, it fills the heart with an obvious ecstasy.

You may fulfill your wish to be in a hill station by seeing Sitla, Bhalu Gaad waterfalls, and Mukteshwar temple. The best way to discover all of these locations is on foot of uttarakhand tourism. This will enable you to delve deeply into the nuances and experience love at its fullest.


In the Garhwal area of Uttarakhand, at an altitude of 2500 to 3050 meters above sea level, is the well-known ski resort of Auli. Auli Garhwal is the best skiing location in India due to its natural beauty and snow-covered, smooth slopes. Auli boasts stunning mountains, lush coniferous and oak woods, as well as the ability to see majestic mountain peaks like Durnagiri, Mt. Nanda Devi, Mana Parwat, Dunagiri, Kamet, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat, and others. The primary draw for tourists to Auli is snow skiing. For all skiers, the experience of riding along gorgeous, scenic paths is wonderful. In addition to ski slopes, the area also has excellent trek routes and mountain biking tracks.


In the northern region of India, in the state of Uttarakhand, is where Ranikhet is located. It is located at an elevation of 1824 meters above sea level in the Kumaon hills. 50 kilometres separate Ranikhet from Almora and 59 km from Nainital. Alpine weather can be found in Ranikhet. Winters (November–February) are frigid while summers (April–June) are moderate. It receives snowfall in the winters and southern monsoon rains from July to September.

Places to visit in Ranikhet:

1.Chaubatia Orchards

2.Bhalu Dam

3.Upat Golf Course

4.Kumaon Regimental Centre 

5.Kalika Temple

6.St. Bridget Church

7.Ashiyana Park


Lansdowne is one of the strangest hill towns in India and is referred to by some as the entrance to the heavenly residence known as the Himalayas.

Thanks to the presence of the local Army Cantonment Board, which oversees and controls the growth in the town, Lansdowne has managed to maintain its peaceful and tranquility far from the busy, overdeveloped, and noisy locations that most of the popular hill stations in the north have become.

The town was given its name in honor of Lord Lansdowne, the Viceroy of India at the time who visited the area in 1884. Only St. James, one of the town’s two pre-independence-era churches, is currently operational. Major Hindu temple is also located in the town.

The city is situated at a typical altitude.

Best Time To Visit Uttarakhand

It is recommended to visit Uttarakhand tourism between March and April and September and October. All year round, the state experiences beautiful weather. During the summer, which is also Uttarakhand’s peak season, trekking, paragliding, and The Char Dham Yatra among the most well-liked activities.



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