India Vs Bangladesh : Burning in protest

India vs Bangladesh
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India Vs Bangladesh : There were fights and stone-throwing events in the main streets of the Bangladesh capital, Dhaka, on Saturday as part of the latest demonstration by the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its allies calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The police dispersed the agitated mob by firing rubber bullets and using tear gas.

The BNP and its supporters have been organizing protests since 2022, calling for the establishment of a caretaker administration to monitor the elections planned for January when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina resigns.
At least four protest sites saw skirmishes break out between the police and the protesters as the police assembled thousands of people to evacuate the city’s key highways.

Bangladesh cops helping people

Journalists from AFP saw protestors retaliate by throwing stones at the police and their vehicles in Dholai Khal, a demonstration spot next to the auto repair shops that is now an outdated neighbourhood.
Six protesters were admitted to the hospital with injuries, according to Mr. Bachchu Mia, inspector of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital.
Some officers were hurt in the fights, according to Farukh Ahmed, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police spokesperson. “We used tear gas and rubber bullets,” he declared.

Goeshwar Roy and Amanullah Aman, two prominent BNP figures, have been taken into police custody but have not yet been legally detained.
Due to truck and bus traffic bottlenecks, the nation’s transportation system was badly impacted in both the capital and outlying regions.

Since 2009, Bangladesh has been ruled by the Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League. It has been charged with violating human rights, being corrupt, and becoming more totalitarian. This is the difference between India vs Bangladesh which define democracy.
The BNP-led demonstrations have been more intense since the beginning of the year, and in July, thousands of people participated in marches.

India Vs Bangladesh

Before a scheduled gathering earlier this week, the police detained at least 500 opposition activists outside the party’s headquarters.
Western governments have expressed alarm over Bangladesh’s political environment, where the majority held by the ruling party in the legislature is viewed as a virtual rubber stamp.

Thousands of opposition activists have allegedly been detained by their security forces, extrajudicial executions have allegedly occurred during crackdowns, and hundreds of leaders and sympathizers have vanished.

Washington sanctioned the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), a specialized security squad, and seven of its senior officials in 2021 in reaction to these alleged abuses.
After being found guilty of corruption charges, Khaleda Zia, the leader of the BNP and a longtime nemesis of Sheikh Hasina, is still behind house arrest.



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