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Google console Site Verification: 10 Step-by-Step Guide

Google console verification is a crucial component of search engine optimization (SEO), which enables you to confirm domain ownership. You’ll be able to use the Google Search Console features once your domain has been confirmed, giving you access to Google search data and enabling you to submit your sitemap to get your website indexed in Google search results.

The method described in this article is the simplest way to verify your Webflow site, although there are other ways you can confirm your domain ownership.

How to register a website with Google Console

In order to register your website with Google Search Console:

1. Visit the Google Search Console and sign in using your Google credentials.

2. Fill up the “URL prefix” field type with your domain’s https:// protocol, such as https://www.domain.com.

3. Push the Next key.

4. Click “HTML tag” under Additional verification techniques.

5. Keep the window open and copy the Verification ID into the meta tag (the string of numbers and letters that appears after the quotation marks, “content=”).

Using a different browser tab

1. Go to the Webflow Dashboard and select the “3 dots” next to the thumbnail of your site.

2. Select Settings.

3. Click the SEO tab and select Google site verification.

4. In the Google site Verification ID field, paste the Verification ID.

5. Press Save changes.

6. Make your site public

How to check your website

Go back to the Google Console tab in your browser and select Verify under the “HTML tag” verification technique.

In case you unintentionally closed the property verification window, enter your domain again using the https:// protocol (for example, https://www.domain.com) in the “URL prefix” property type, click Continue, select “HTML tag” from the list of additional verification methods, and then click Verify.

Important information

• You only need to confirm your domain ownership once. Even while you can verify a site more than once, you won’t need to follow the following instructions to do so if your domain has already been validated in another way.

• You can ask a number of users to confirm their ownership of your domain. Make sure that none of the users overwrites the verification tokens of any other owners if you want several users to confirm domain ownership so they may access the Google Console. Google advises them to check their ownership using a different technique. Learn about additional ways to confirm site ownership by reading Google’s guidance.



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