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Agra Lucknow Expressway Food Plaza: Serving Travelers with 24/7 Delights

Hello everyone! If you are looking for Agra Lucknow expressway food plaza details then you are at right place. There are total 2 food plaza in Agra Lucknow expressway each side. First food plaza will be at a diatace of around 101km from Agra and second one will be at 217km. You can complete the journey in three parts which make it hassle free and to avoid long driving.

Amenities at Agra Lucknow expressway food plaza

There are several amenities at each agra lucknow expressway food plaza which includes washrooms, food court, free parking, kids playing area, first aid etc. If you are carrying any pet with you then it’s a relaxing place for them as the food court is very large place including park.

Fuel station availability at food court

If you want to refuel your vehicle then there is petrol pump facility is provided at each agra lucknow expressway food plaza, so in order to refuel you have to keep in mind the distance between each food court so that you can reach the petrol pump without going fuelless in between the way.

Maximum speed limit at expressway

Speed thrills but kills…..You might have seen this slogan on many highways or expressway, it actually means for speed lovers. The maximum speed limit at Agra Lucknow expressway is 100 kmph for light vehicles a nd 60 kmph for heavy vehicles and the minimum space to keep between 2 vehicle is 70 meter. There are several over speed detector installed on expressway which restrict the drivers to control the speed under the maximum limit. So be carefull while driving to prevent from any Challan imposed. Drive slow and drive safe is what I will recommend.

Is Agra Lucknow expressway is safe

Despite of all the above facilities there is a risk always associated with the expressway specially at night time. At every major exit street light are installed which give you clear visibility during night. However, for the rest of the expressway there is no street light installed which makes the expressway little risky during night driving. Also, the risk of street dog, cows etc is also associated during the dark hours. So, it is advisable to travel during day time and start your journey early in the morning.

India’s First Air Strip at Agra Lucknow expressway

Uttar Pradesh becomes the first state in India to have air stip on its expressway. This air strip is designed to land fighter aircrafts during any emergency. The government had already successfully done a practice exercise on the airstrip by landing Miage, Jaguar and Sukhoi aircraft on thie expressway just after the expressway was made function for public.

In 2023, UP connected another expressway named as Bundelkhand expressway to the agra lucknow expressway at Kundrail village, which directly connects Gonda village in Chitrakoot District. These two expressway help a large number of people who commute between agra, bundelkhand and lucknow region.

Toll plaza at Agra Lucknow expressway

If you are travelling through the whole expressway by car then it will cost you around 655 rupees. The first toll plaza is at starting point in Agra and the other toll plaza is in Lucknow at the end of the expressway. In between these two toll plaza, several mini toll plaza at each connecting roads. Vehicle with fast tag are only allowed to pass through these toll however if any vehicle do not have a valid fast tag the that vehicle driver has to pay the double amount of toll.

Sr. No.Vehicle’s categoryToll tax (INR)
1.Light vehicles655
2.Light commercial vehicles1035
3.Bus & Trucks2075
4.Heavy machines used in construction 3170
5.Large vehicles4070
Toll tax rates as per vehicle type

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